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░ᴛ░ʜ░ᴇ░ ░ʜ░ɪ░ᴅ░ᴅ░ᴇ░ɴ░ ░ꜱ░ᴏ░ᴜ░ʟ░ꜱ░ ░ᴛ░ʀ░ɪ░ʟ░ᴏ░ɢ░ʏ░

"Twin Flames are two parts of a single soul. Males make up half and women the other. Each half is a distinct human being with a unique genetic make-up, set of traits, personality, and set of supernatural abilities. It is impossible to avoid the two halves' convergence. Despite living separate lives, they are destined to cross paths at some point in their lives. One cannot just survive without the other after they become connected; their lives are eternally transformed."

#twinflameunion #reverseharem #TheLight #metaphysialromance #fantasythriller #hiddensouls #goodnovel #trilogy

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