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Now find BRAND NEW releases, Discounts, and FREE BOOKS!

★New Releases★

2.99 A Cut So Deep by Author Dani René:

0.99 Cowboy Bikers MC #2 by Esther E. Schmidt:

4.99 Deliver Us From Evil by Author Logan Fox:

3.49 Discovery of Magick by Tabatha Stephenson:

0.99 Endless Summer by JP Uvalle:

0.99 Forever by Author LK Shaw:

3.99 Mistress by Cole Denton - Author:

3.99 Once Upon A Twelfth Night by Carrie Lomax:

2.99 Prey by L.V. Lane:

4.99 The Bastille Sphere by Leona Windwalker:

3.99 The Dark Necessities Prequels Collection by Felicity Brandon:

2.99 The Lady by Golden Angel Romances:

3.99 Unnatural Omega by V.T. Bonds:

2.99 Wicked Hearts by Mallory Fox:

★ Discount and Freebies ★

0.99 Blurring the Line by Author Nikki Rose:

0.99 Broken Dolls by Kitty Thomas:

0.99 Dark Alley: Season 1 by D.S. Wrights:

Free Entrust by Skye Callahan:

0.99 Inexorable by Author Jo-Anne Joseph:

Free Long Live The King by Vivian Wood:

Free On The Run by C. Hallman:

0.99 Red Maple Falls Series Books 1-3 by Theresa Paolo, Author:

1.99 Risky Pleasures by Vivian Ward:

0.99 Six Toy by James Crow Author:

0.99 Submit by Author Lana Sky:

0.99 Uncorked by Rebecca Rohman:

For one day only, an incredible group of authors are bringing you Amazon new releases, freebies and discounts! Download your freebies and discounts via the links or you can visit our website here:

*Participating authors are responsible for their freebies & discounts*

*Free and discounted at the time of posting*

*Always check the Amazon page before downloading*

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