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★New Releases★

2.99 A Cut So Deep by Author Dani René:

0.99 Cowboy Bikers MC #2 by Esther E. Schmidt:

4.99 Deliver Us From Evil by Author Logan Fox:

3.49 Discovery of Magick by Tabatha Stephenson:

0.99 Endless Summer by JP Uvalle:

0.99 Forever by Author LK Shaw:

3.99 Mistress by Cole Denton - Author:

3.99 Once Upon A Twelfth Night by Carrie Lomax:

2.99 Prey by L.V. Lane:

4.99 The Bastille Sphere by Leona Windwalker:

3.99 The Dark Necessities Prequels Collection by Felicity Brandon:

2.99 The Lady by Golden Angel Romances:

3.99 Unnatural Omega by V.T. Bonds:

2.99 Wicked Hearts by Mallory Fox: