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Is There Trouble in Paradise?

My God, the past few days had been a whirlwind of ups and downs—we had gone from ex-best friends that weren’t speaking to friends again, and now…we were married. What the actual fuck were we thinking? We had skipped a crucial step in this equation—we weren’t even boyfriend and girlfriend before this. Being on a constant high from the wedding had impaired my judgment, but right now, looking at all my belongings packed away in boxes, I felt the clarity of this rushed decision crashing down on me. A haunting question gnawed at my soul. I knew I would love him, no matter what, but would I even like the twenty-two-year-old Darren once the haze of being horny newlyweds wore off? The thought of the unknown made bile rise into my throat. I don’t think I can do this marriage thing, after all.

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