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From International Bestselling Author J. P. Uvalle comes a twisted horror story bound to leave you unable to sleep…

About the Story:

To kill a monster, you must become one yourself.

Avery Burman blames herself for her twin sister Aria’s strange disappearance.

She should have been there. She should have been on that camping trip. She should have protected her sister.

But she failed her twin when it mattered most.

With the police calling off their investigation, Avery knows she’s the only one who can bring Aria home. The only one who will know what they’re truly up against.

Because every night since her twin sister's disappearance, she's had the same disturbing nightmare: glowing orange eyes, razor-sharp claws, and a figure lurking at the site where her sister went missing. Her gut tells her that her sister’s life depends on fighting something the police aren’t prepared to face.

Something she can’t face alone.

Her only hope lies with a retired homicide detective who might believe that her fears and the legends of the valley are real and with her boyfriend, who’s willing to follow her into hell itself. Together, the three embark on a bone-chilling journey none will ever forget. If they make it out alive…

Follow Avery into Skin Valley, where some legends are true, and some things are better left buried!

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