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A Picture Perfect Christmas Excerpt

Available on Amazon, Kindle Unlimited December, 6th, 2019

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Copyrighted by Beautifully Twisted Publishing 2019


I lifted her face by her chin, reconnecting her saddened gaze with mine. She needed to see the sincerity in my eyes “No, I don’t think you’re pretty. Actually, I think you’re fucking beautiful, Melody: inside and out. I’m sorry it has taken me this so long to say it. I’ve been a fool.”

Her plump lips opened with a grasp, and I couldn’t stop myself from staring at them, wondering how they would feel pressed against mine. Then she leaned forward, and our lips were inches apart as if she had read my mind. “Melody.” My voice was husky and low. My jugular vein pulsating out of control. Could we do this and still be okay tomorrow? I didn’t want to even think about tomorrow.

Melody wrapped her arms around my neck. “Darren.” The want tattered in her voice made every hair on my scalp stand to attention and every skin cell tingle. What was happening between us?

“Best friends don’t kiss each other.”

“We do.”

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