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Featured Book Box

Immerse yourself in the Hidden Souls Trilogy with these exclusive items that will reignite your love for reading and reinvigorate your spirit.

This book box includes:

- A signed paperback of the complete trilogy

- Your choice of a Hidden Souls Crop Hoodie or T-shirt 

- A Hidden Souls Tote Bag 

- A Hidden Souls Coffee Mug 

- A personalized Hidden Souls Bookmark

- A Hidden Souls Deck of Poker Cards

- A Hidden Souls Magnet 

All of this can be yours for a pre-order price of just $50, providing you with over $300 worth of merchandise. Once the pre-order period is over, the regular price will be $75. You would not want to miss out on this exceptional offer!

Preorder the box here:

Preorder the trilogy ebook here:

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